SA – Multi Asset – Flexible

SA – Multi Asset – Flexible
36ONE Flexible Opportunity Fund
4D Flexible Fund
Adviceworx Inflation + 5-7% Fund Of Funds
AEON Balanced Fund
Amity Flexible Growth Fund Of Funds
Ampersand Flexible Property Income Fund
Anchor Securities Flexible Fund
Ashburton Defensive Fund
Ashburton Growth Fund
Autus Opportunity Fund
Bateleur Flexible Fund
BlueAlpha All Seasons Fund
Cadiz Equity Ladder Fund
Centaur Flexible Fund
ClucasGray Future Titans Fund
Cohesive Capital Flexible Fund
Counterpoint Moderate Fund
CS Flexible Fund Of Funds
Destiny Multi Asset Fund Of Funds
Dotport Flexible Fund Of Funds
Element Flexible Fund
Engelberg Cautious Fund
Fedgroup Flexible Fund Of Funds
Financial Fitness Flexible Fund Of Funds
Flagship Flexible Value Fund
GCI Flexible Fund Of Funds
Gryphon Flexible Fund Of Funds
GTC Capital Plus Fund Of Funds
GTC Wealth Accumulator Fund Of Funds
GTC Wealth Accumulator Plus Fund
Huysamer Opportunity Fund
Imalivest Balanced Fund
IP Flexible Fund
JBL Flexible Fund Of Funds
Laurium Flexible Fund
Long Beach Flexible Fund
Maitland Flexible Fund Of Funds
Marriott Core Income Fund
Marriott High Income Fund Of Funds
Marriott Property Equity Fund
Melville Douglas Dynamic Strategy Fund
Miton Optimal Defender Fund Of Funds
Miton Optimal Flexible Fund Of Funds
Momentum Flexible Fund
Naviga Flexible Fund Of Funds
N-e-FG Flexible Fund
Noble PP All Weather Fund Of Funds
Noble PP Flexible Fund
Novare Flexible Fund
Novare Infrastructure Balanced Fund
Old Mutual Flexible Fund
Old Mutual Maximum Return Fund Of Funds
Plexus Wealth Flexible Property Income Fund
Prescient Flexible Fixed Interest Fund
PSG Flexible Fund
RCI Flexible Fund
Select Manager Flexible Equity Fund
SIM Managed Aggressive Fund Of Funds
SIM Managed Cautious Fund Of Funds
SIM Managed Conservative Fund Of Funds
SIM Managed Moderate Aggressive Fund Of Funds
SIM Managed Moderate Fund Of Funds
Stanlib Aggressive Income Fund
Stanlib Multi Manager Flexible Property Fund
Stanlib Quants Fund
Stringfellow Flexible Fund Of Funds
True North Flexible Equity Fund
Truffle Flexible Fund
Visio Actinio Fund
WWC ALSI Beta Fund
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FNB Growth Plus Return Fund Of Funds
GT Real Estate Fund
Sygnia All Bond Index Fund
Absa Bond Fund
Stanlib Multi Manager Defensive Balanced Fund
PSG Income Fund
Naviga Secure Growth Fund Of Funds
Marriott Money Market Fund
Anchor Bond Fund
Wealth Associates Flexible Growth Fund Of Funds