Global – Real Estate – General

Global – Real Estate – General
Absa Global Property Feeder Fund
BCI Best Blend Global Property Fund
Bridge Global Property Income Feeder Fund
Catalyst Global Real Estate Feeder Fund
Discovery Global Real Estate Securities Feeder Fund
Fairtree Global Real Estate Fund
Marriott International Real Estate Feeder Fund
MiPlan Global Property Feeder Fund
Nedgroup Investments Global Property Feeder Fund
Oasis Crescent International Property Equity Feeder Fund
Portfoliometrix Global Property Fund Of Funds
Reitway Global Property Fund
Sesfikile Global Property Fund
Stanlib Global Emerging Markets Property Feeder Fund
Stanlib Global Property Feeder Fund
Stylo Global Real Estate Fund Of Funds
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Quattro Moderate Fund Of Funds
FNB Income Fund Of Funds
Nedgroup Investments Entrepreneur Fund
Fedgroup Balanced Fund Of Funds
Atlantic Stable Income Fund
PPS Conservative Fund Of Funds
Nedgroup Investments Bond Fund
Fairtree Equity Fund
Gryphon All Share Tracker Fund
Prudential Global High Yield Bond Fund Of Funds