Sygnia Money Market Fund Fact Sheet

Fund Details
Fund Sector
SA – Interest Bearing – Money Market
Assets Under Management (R m) (Mar 2019)
R568 R 69 12.147%
Number of Accounts (Mar 2019)
40 0 0%
Fund Asset Allocations (R m)
Sector Mar 2019 Dec 2018
Equities R 0 R 0
    Local    R 0    R 0
    Foreign    R -    R -
Cash Instr. R 568 R 499
    Local    R 568    R 499
    Foreign    R 0    R 0
Property R 0 R 0
On FoF R 0 R 0
Fund Investment Aims, Objective and/or Universe
The Sygnia Money Market Fund is a low risk money market fund.The aim of the Fund is to offer investors access to a well-diversified money market fund, which shall consist of short-term, highly liquid money market instruments with a maturity of less than thirteen months.

It may also invest in interest rate swaps.The Fund may be exposed to credit risk where an Issuer of a non-equity security may not be able to make interest payments or repay the capital.This will impact the value of the Fund.There are regulations in place which limit the amount a unit trust may be exposed to each Issuer, thereby spreading the risk across various Issuers.
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