Fedgroup Balanced Fund Of Funds Fact Sheet

Fund Details
Fund Sector
SA – Multi Asset – Medium Equity
Assets Under Management (R m) (Mar 2019)
R3 R 0 0%
Number of Accounts (Mar 2019)
4 0 0%
Fund Asset Allocations (R m)
Sector Mar 2019 Dec 2018
Equities R 0 R 0
    Local    R 0    R 0
    Foreign    R 0    R 0
Cash Instr. R 0 R 0
    Local    R 0    R 0
    Foreign    R 0    R 0
Property R 0 R 0
On FoF R 3 R 3
Fund Investment Aims, Objective and/or Universe
The Balanced fund of funds aims to maximise capital growth over the longer term, by investing in a blended solution of capital and income generating assets.

While equities offer the highest expected long-term returns, it also comes with the highest risk of short-term losses.However, the relatively high exposure to lower risky assets such as Bonds and Money-Market ensures that the fund’s risk is moderated.The fund’s assets will consist of participatory interests in funds of Collective Investment Schemes investing in equity, bonds, property, and money market instruments subject to the prescribed limits of Regulation 28 to the Pension Funds Act.
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