Alex Forbes Investments Global Fixed Income Feeder Fund Fact Sheet

Fund Details
Fund Sector
Global – Interest Bearing – Variable Term
Assets Under Management (R m) (Mar 2019)
R38 R 1 2.6315%
Number of Accounts (Mar 2019)
4 0 0%
Fund Asset Allocations (R m)
Sector Mar 2019 Dec 2018
Equities R 0 R 0
    Local    R 0    R 0
    Foreign    R -    R -
Cash Instr. R 0 R 0
    Local    R 0    R 0
    Foreign    R 0    R 0
Property R 0 R 0
On FoF R 38 R 37
Fund Investment Aims, Objective and/or Universe
The objective of the fund is to seek to maximise the overall yield for investors, through a combination of capital growth and income revenue by utilising a specialist multi-manager, multi-style investment process.The fund is a feeder fund, and feeds into the Russell Investment Company Plc Global Bond Fund, which is characterised of being of a bond nature.The fund will, apart from assets in liquid form, consist solely of participatory interests in the abovementioned underlying fund.

The fund will seek global diversification by investing primarily in a fund that invests predominantly in bond-type securities (including, but not limited to government bonds, corporate bonds, debentures, debenture stock and debenture bonds).The fund may also include other non-equity securities, as well as listed and unlisted financial instruments, and any other securities of a similar nature in meeting the objectives of the fund and any other securities that the Act or the Registrar may from time to time allow.Investment in a fund that invests in non-equity securities denominated in currencies other than that of the Republic, will be restricted to a fund that predominantly complies with the requirements as determined by the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act No.45 of 2002 (“CISCA”) and subordinate legislation promulgated thereunder.The fund may not be leveraged.There are no additional mandate investment limitations
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