Alex Forbes Investments Enhanced Income Fund Fact Sheet

Fund Details
Fund Sector
SA – Multi Asset – Income
Assets Under Management (R m) (Mar 2019)
R238 R 11 4.6218%
Number of Accounts (Mar 2019)
13 0 0%
Fund Asset Allocations (R m)
Sector Mar 2019 Dec 2018
Equities R 9 R 9
    Local    R 7    R 7
    Foreign    R 1    R 1
Cash Instr. R 216 R 204
    Local    R 219    R 198
    Foreign    R -    R 6
Property R 10 R 11
On FoF R 3 R 3
Fund Investment Aims, Objective and/or Universe
The fund aims to earn a higher level of income than a fund restricted to having a duration of less than two years, while still providing some capital protection.There will be some ability for the fund to experience capital gains, primarily through exposure to equity and property.This will be limited, as the aim is generally to ensure capital protection.The fund will have a more flexible maturity profile and not be restricted to a two-year average maturity limit.The fund will combine high-yielding asset classes and aims to provide a higher level of income, relative to funds restricted to duration of less than two years, and also aims to grow the income at a faster rate.

It is a high income-producing fund, blending asset classes, to maximise income, such as assets in liquid form (incorporating cash and money market instruments), bonds, inflation linked bonds, debentures, listed property securities, preference shares, equity securities, and other non-equity securities, as permitted by legislation.The blend of asset classes within the fund will be in accordance with the requirements applicable to funds that are classified as multi asset, income funds.The fund may invest in listed and unlisted financial instruments, as legislation permits.The Manager may also include unlisted forward currency, interest rate and exchange rate swap transactions, for the purpose of efficient fund management.The fund is permitted to include foreign securities, as permitted by legislation.The fund may not be leveraged.The Manager may also invest in participatory interests or any other form of participation in funds of collective investment schemes or other similar collective investment schemes, as the Act may allow from time to time, and which are consistent with the fund’s investment policy.There are no additional mandate investment limitations.
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